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 Diamond wafers


Thermal Grade Diamand Wafers and Slices


Diamond exhibits the highest thermal conductivity among all materials. Its thermal

conductivity is up to 2000 W/mK which is higher a lot than that of copper. Therefore

diamond wafers and slices become more and more popular in thermal management as

heatspreaders,heatsinks, lithographically patterned metallization, electrical isolation

between top and bottom metallization, stress relieving slits for stress free mounting etc.

CVD diamond heat spreaders in various shapes,and the typical parameters are as



Material                                    thermal conductivity >1000 W/mK

Diameter                                 Up to 70mm

Surface                                     Polished, lapping, as-cut

Thickness                               100 - 1500 µm

Young's modulus                  1000-1100Gpa

Density                                    3.5g/cm3

Optical                                     grade diamond wafers


Optical grade diamond wafers are used as window for infrared beam splitters, lenses for

terahertz spectroscopy and CO2 laser surgery,Brewster Windows for multi-spectral

applications such as free electron lasers, multi-wavelength IR lasers or terahertz optical

systems,for Units attenuated total reflection) spectroscopy,for diamond Liquid Cells.