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Home > News > Investigation of effective annealing on CdMnTe:In crystals with different thickness for gamma-ray detectors




A effective annealing method was adopted for CdMnTe:In crystals with different thickness.

The crystal quality and the detector performance were improved remarkably after annealing.

The detectors can meet the requirement of gamma-ray detection for different energies.


Radiation detectors with different thickness are needed to detect gamma rays with various energies. In this paper, a post-growth annealing method was used to improve the properties of CdMnTe:In (CMT:In) crystals with different thickness for gamma-ray detectors. The results indicated that Te inclusions in CMT:In crystals with different thickness were reduced remarkably after annealing. Both the resistivity and IR transmittance of annealed CMT:In crystals with different thickness increased obviously, which suggested that the crystal quality was improved. For the detectors fabricated by annealed CMT:In slices with 1 mm, 2 mm and 5 mm thickness, the energy resolutions were enhanced about 252%, 193% and 141%, respectively. And (μτ)e values were enhanced about 80%, 80% and 76%, respectively. The performance of the detectors was greatly improved after annealing.


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